So the guys from the island are already here

Place du Casino is a tourist center. The people of Monaco go here to the port. Unless the Monte Carlo Rally is parked here or there are no Formula 1 boxes. Today was quite busy. The first shock. From 20m Brunei. No, but absolutely amazing Luxembourg.                 

Isle of Guernsey. My favorite favorite. So there was no blockade of trucks in Sain Malo. They will come from GB for the New Year. Before all those trucks leave. It did not occur to the completely stupid Czechia to block international truck transport.                                   

In the afternoon, the MC collapsed. Crowds of people, cars so much that the police drove it the way they needed it, not the way people wanted it. In the central car park minus 8 clogged down and up. no one could back off to leave. There was nothing to do on the bike either. But at the very bottom Algeria. So the suffering paid off.

                                                                                        And that was not all. The last coffee before I leave and I see something suspicious. The driver only went to the market. F? I? Maybe Georgia? The answer was far from shocking. Liberia. … Not anything like that, but after access to the network in Liberia. Maybe Raphael or Hadri …

So such a gift. And that morning I wanted to go to Italy for cigarettes. it stands there 5. Here 11. On the border, however, the army: Stop Italie fermé. They returned a Mercedes MC in front of me, even a jogger. That’s what I’m thinking – I’m an island and nobody gets here anymore.
Otherwise I accept the prices as they are. Only the cigarettes I have associated with the fact that 9 E out of the box goes to the French Republic. For example, for the invasion of Libya. Etc. You know what. And so somehow I don’t want to support it.                                                Border shop Italia. February.

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4 Responses to So the guys from the island are already here

  1. raphael says:

    Congrats for GBG !
    In France FH-888-DC is for a Renault Clio IV.
    These is maybe an Italian registration.

  2. OndraCZF says:

    Bentley Azure. One of my most favourite late 90s cars!

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you very much for your comments. I myself have no idea how famous and exceptional the car is. Write.

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