GB you already a lot, the islands will come?

Christmas has been in CZ since time immemorial, the day of the Christmas attack on all the senses. There is no escape. So here in MC it will even be open an hour longer! And then only closed for 1 day. So shops. Restaurants will definitely go normally. They only closed Mc Donalds otherwise the restaurants are open. On the contrary, they closed restaurants with us and left the various fast foods open. On Sundays, the restaurants were so crowded that I guess the French had come. On Saturdays, the streets are full of F cars, crowded shopping malls and restaurants on both days.

For RUS, I kept trying to find ZA for the first few tens of seconds.

The frequency did not change.
I. L, GB, CH, B, D
At least 2-3 times a day PL, CZ, RO, HR, A, P, NL, S, GR
So far without BY, MK, BIH and DK

This is what it looked like exactly a year ago at the Musée Océanographique. Although it is normally open 2 visits 0 bus, 1x 2P.

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