I still prefer to be here, at my crossroads

I drove through town and ended up here. After all, I hadn’t done anything else for boyish years.                                                                                                                                                         

And right among the first Malta. It’s a nice ride here like in a parade. And a big advantage – a canteen a few meters away. Italian food – that means simple, fresh quality ingredients, the result is great.                                                                                                                                 

I came here on the 4th and reproduced it on the 34. MNE, RSM, FIN and the first Italian N, van with green. You can’t even watch such a T junction 100%. The highway doesn’t make sense at all.                                                                                                                                      (How many thousandths of a second that RSM is engaged? Maybe 2-3?)

We all know what that means.

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