In the heart of the highways

Serbia SRB 2003 Premiere Krlajevo a and Slavic parking: BY, RUS, UA, MD, PL, SRB. They also let BiH with them. So definitely Herzegovina. But today I set myself a difficult task. From Quadrante Europa to Verona Airport. Through mazes, traps of highway ramps, narrow crossings of tracks and highways with rushing trucks behind them.               

On the way, I found myself in a highway parking lot, also because of the water I had to return.                                                                                                                                                   

There were only 3 people at the airport. Soldiers with transporter. And Ryanair advertising from the good (?) old years. But on the way back, I was getting really hungry. And it was clear to me what I wanted. Creamy gorgonzola. And real Italian tomatoes.                               

Verona is already a bit Austrian. Here it met the positive of both countries. Rich and well-groomed city. Here they must have seen lp. Whoever goes to I, VR will not be avoided. But there are no plates, not even car spotters.

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