Gray day in Genoa. At least that way.

I pulled out the last joker for this year. And he failed. Libya has definitely disappeared. Where are the times when 5-10 pieces left the ship from TN.
So probably the greatest joy of Malta moto and truck.                                                           

I would be satisfied elsewhere. But here? 2 ships arrived from TN and one to MA. So still in consciousness, like such an Egypt CD?                                                                                     

TN about 15. Otherwise, I think that ships carry air. The only expedition- F on the return. Day 25 states.                                                                                                                                         

Positive: right here is the coop superstore. And there they have a warm counter and homemade Italian lunches in it. So you can choose without knowledge of Italian and also with your eyes. I chose Lasagne al pesto and they were famous. For a Czech who knows only goulash incomprehensibly. As I say. more joy cannot be experienced at this time.

How melodious Italian is! For example, the protection is a “rouška” in our country. Here “la masquerina”.

I also noticed that the cars that came from TN and had diesel – they smoked so unbelievably and smelled awful. The Toyota convoy was like a Trabant reunion.

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