Plates-spotting in Milan (act.)

The expected rain has come. The bike remained under the roof. So maybe time for a trip. At 13.09 I will start in Milan. I absolutely love Venice ultimately. I was there 7 times until I went through the last alley. I was completely dazzled by S. Gimignano. So perfect the Middle Ages and those towers to do! Verona excited me.
But Milano was never one of my favorites. But in his head is a photo of Ghana from a carspotter.
I walked about 500m and instead of a mobile phone I have an umbrella in my right hand. Well, somehow I managed it. Malta M, the first new M 2020. The personal M is rarer than China and Japan, etc. But I don’t know if we will ever see China again. The peak was sometime 3 years ago. Perhaps 60. One day about 30 VWs arrived. I didn’t even take a picture of everything. 2019 there weren’t that many and 2020 zero.                                     

In 3 hours, 19 states fell. Most CH, then D, E. I expected some P, but nothing. Otherwise about 3MC, 1UA- RUS so far in I nothing. And especially the 2 Italian enclaves. I think it was actually a great success at this time.
And I’m back at Milano Centrale, what looks like a monument to Vittorio Emanuelle in Rome.                                                                                                                                                   

And our Josef Černý surprisingly won the Giro stage.

Tomorrow a report from the backbone autostrada A4 of the Venice-Milan.

                                                  Saturday Night in Desenzano del Garda.
I am absolutely fascinated by these pizzacafé. Ordinary businesses. But full of taste and positive spirit. What a difference to Prague pubs whose only purpose is to pour beer and booze unconscious into people.
Here in “Love it” I get a great pizza for 3.50! and unique Cafe Americano for 1.30! I’m going out for that. I see the traffic and I can have a cigarette with the delicacy. In Prague, imitations that can’t even be called coffee for 2.50!
But on the waterfront of the lake crowds of youth. Marijuana haze. The parents wear a mask all day and in the evening their offspring return home …
Although I am very sorry, Italy is on the Czech way.

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