The circle is closing. Austria ends with us from Monday.

We became an island. The rest of the world fears or shields us. The last option is to go to PL and then by ferry to S.                                                                                                    

And what else could we expect ?! When we drove people to HR, which became the central point of spreading covid around Europe ?! What were we expecting when these scooters reappeared on rattling on the sidewalk scooters (I don’t know from South America or the Arabian look) about the ones Clarkson often mentions as people you wouldn’t let go half a mile to your home ?!
What do our politicians think when they still subsidize hotels, etc. ?! Like the Chinese and Japanese coming back next year?
There is something good about everything bad. You can go to the center again. And to see the sub-Caucasian shun sellers in front of empty shops, taxi drivers, which is a synonym for thieves in Prague, waiting in vain for prey, the infusions and discos closed in the evening … that’s quite nice.

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