Message from the infected zone

The day before yesterday, I dared to speculate that we would not see N for a long time. And yesterday in an abandoned campsite … Similarly, I once told everyone after the arrival of the COL motorcycle – you will never see it again – and in a month another car arrived.     

On the contrary, all the covid preconditions that you have been reading here for months have been fulfilled. CZ now stepped on the brake. Colonel Prymula, so successful from the first wave, was appointed to head the battle. I am probably most happy with the closures of those pubsandbars where people were made worse beings than animals. We were closed in the spring, now we have been closed from the outside. But now you can go to the center. One is amazed at how beautiful the empty city is. The tourist smog and all the parasites hanging on it- NEVER MORE, I wish.                                                                                                                  

And the best in the end. 2020 Premiere number 76. Cyprus CY, shopping center P5.               I once remember Brenner. The CY driver climbed out of the cab and walked back to the cargo area, carrying tomatoes and peppers made in CY into the cab. I bet they tasted as great as they looked. Normally we only have those Dutch factories here that have never seen the sun.

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