Outside the center is really nice. Hezky česky. (act.)

This is the advertising slogan of one of the chains.                                                                                                       

New Jersey on P2, Ohio 9, old camper 7 and still life with PMR on P6.

Diese Woche 40 (-2) Staaten. Nicht dabei MNE u. N. N fahren leider keine LKWs, einzige in PRG ist ein Tesla ab und zu. Ich denke, 10 Monaten sehen wir kein N mehr. Stückzahl von FIN 2020.: 2 +2 Moto!!! Feines, sauberes Land.


The wonderful Tour is over. Merci boku!
And now Gilets Juanes will be back. At first from the MC, I considered them some leftist fights. I am sorry. The more I found out, the more I sympathize with them.

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