The downward trend has accelerated.

A Kurier entered my thoughts exactly. What about HR? In July alone, 65 infected Czechs returned. At the same time, HR reports 100 cases per day in total. That doesn’t go very well together. And related to the rocket rise in D and A ??? Otherwise, another country that has exposed STOP to Czech ignoramuses is GR. What kind of people is that even in this situation they have to go to Greece. The reporter Thu returned for 3 days. Virtually impermeable borders, detours through other states, etc. I wish Norway to succeed as NZ-covid-free for a month.                                                                                                                  It was cloudy for a while yesterday, so I peeked at P10. I’ve been seeing a drop in trucks for a long time. Practically nothing went yesterday. I’ve been on P4 a lot lately.

I’m just reading on Every fourth case is a returnee from vacation.
And I ask? Who will stop this madness? Who was the architect of that release and disintegration then? What did they think would turn out? Will they be responsible for that?

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