We are becoming the new North Korea (involuntarily).

Slovenia has banned CZ (also applies to HR and F) from entering its territory without the covid negative test since midnight. CZ “pâtés” (as they call them in HR due to the consumption of pâté cans brought with them) must therefore go to the dream sea via H. So they will be happy for us there!
Otherwise, the glory of international trucking. Without it, I would have 10 states a day.
       Azerbaijan AZ                                                                                                             

Do you still remember this RL, often seen in PRG? Then it disappeared and now it has appeared in this form.                                                                                                                     

Due to its location, Monaco quickly began counting covid infected. When the prince fell ill, that was the end of it. On 99 and 4 victims. For many months, the number did not change, until now, after the infection of the entire top tennis team in HR (Džokovic, Raonič, Dimitrov ..), I looked out of curiosity and really – MC scored 4 cases of its residents.                                                                                                       

I overheard yesterday. One lady said to the other: “So there is freedom, we no longer have to wear veils …” Dear lady, when the whole police, nurse, etc. are in quarantine – it will be freedom!
And God forbid you get sick yourself. Then your freedom will probably be stolen, right?
Freedom is when I am healthy, I live in safety, purity and beauty. You have a good idea that I mean MC.

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