Stop for the Czechs also in Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus

the strictest of all is Latvia. They don’t even recognize the covid test. Simply put, the Czechs crossing the border will end up in a 14-day quarantine. As in the gulag. It is such a country full of fear. Our pilots must guard it with our Grippens. Before Russia?!?!?! So maybe at least you let them land. As for me – they would be back in CZ in a few minutes. I think this trio is kind of playing Scandinavia. According to footage of the historic centers built by the Germans, it really looks like that. But the internet is also full of photos of villages where it looks like the UA. I see that, for example, FIN, there is no danger of marching the Russian army. At least in MC all cars LV, LT, EST belong to the Russians.                                    Kazachstan KZ                         USA, California new and old                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As for SLO. Full understanding. SLO is a clean country full of decent and capable people. I draw on that with a personal statement. It is small, but it has great companies, athletes, etc. And now it is protecting its territory. Our “paštikáři” and others will get into HR anyway. But hell, on the other hand, is coming back. There, the SLO builds a dam in front of the Balkans in covid flames. So I wouldn’t want to wait those hours (days?) In front of the line. The culprit is, of course, our government, which has succumbed to what pressures I do not know and has recognized everything as safe. Instead of supporting domestic tourism. She betrayed everything.

So we have 3 days of holidays and the whole areas in E are closing, Venetto is out again, and Austria already in the 5. day in a row over 100, in CZ outbreaks occur in companies where foreign wage workers have returned. This is the start!

Woche mit 43 (-2) Länder. Fast alles von LKWs. Nicht MNE. Die entscheidende Hotels ( Hilton, Intercontinental, Möwenpick, Ibis…) sind noch zu. Die ,die aufmachte sind maximal von 20% belegt. Und mit grossem Anteil von CZ. PRG zählt 500 (ca. 20€) pro Zimmer Tschechen von Land. 

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