Das Ausmaß der Katastrophe ist schlimmer als es scheint

as they say in Germany.  I drove around the center a bit, than in the Florenc area, not far from the Hilton hotel, the street scenes were so monstrously disgusting that I disappeared by subway to normal parts. I met D cars all the way on the fingers of both hands, all the others together.                                                                                                                             The central car camp, at least one excitement, will premiere SK electro and one of the 63 limited aventadors SVJ ended up in CZ.

The EU has solemnly announced 15 countries from which tourists can come. I can already see someone from J, where they wear veils all year round, go to the open-air museum, where many do not wear them even now. NZ said, thanks, but I’d rather be cut off in our beautiful country. And China? We don’t open and if anyone from us wants to come to you, they will go to a re-education camp.

Trpké probuzení. Dosud nám politici kecají o naší bezpečné, přikladné zemi. Dávno ne. Rakousko nás nově zařadilo s GB,B, E,RUS do stejné kategorie.V horší než I ! Na rozdíl od H nebo SK. Tady se nám tlouklo do hlavy jak letos uděláme minischenghen s nimi a A. Nejsme už nic. A brzo nám rozeberou i ty montovny.                                                                                              

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