Covid returns in full fire

The disgraceful media has been tearing the borders open for weeks. As if people thought of nothing but to go into the world. Now they opened and nothing happened at all. Nothing. I did not register any arrival to the PRG and I did not hear a single person who wants to go to the sea.                                                                                                                               People didn’t go anywhere. And they did well. Covid-19 returns. Not only in PRG.

  The proof that we really don’t lose anything is our expedition “Tatra around the world.” I didn’t quite understand that they really left at the end of February. So in 4 months!!! they just got into IR. The last time they were talked about was when they were arrested there for a drone. So some dreams of the arrival of an expedition …


Part of the new era for running Top Gear tonight. The part with Reliant Robin is one of the best. At least I laugh many times throughout the day. Jeremy Clarkson tested the Reliant Robin, a popular working-class tricycle in the north of England in the 1970s and 1980s. Already an introduction where he stands in front of a map of Europe, and that he got the task, everyone is waiting at least to Istanbul, but the reality is more modest. Reliant liked to roll over. Which was successful many times at 20 km. But in the end he didn’t even reach the finish line …                                                                                                        

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