A pure act of despair

This is how David Borek, a Middle East correspondent, describes Egypt’s attempt to open some resorts. He justifies this by the desperate economic situation in the country. Otherwise, in this report directly from the Dead Sea, it points in different directions and says, this is what you see here, this is behind the hill. Yes, I never realized how close SYR, RL, JOR, ET, but also KSA are from here. Thus the only corona success is the hermetically sealed JOR. Otherwise everything is infected through and through. Only KSA has few casualties for the number of infections. And IL itself closes with immediate effect until 1.8.
What a difference to countries reaching for acts of sheer despair like the ET or the EU.

The outskirts of Prague. Poppies and “montovny” (assembly plants).

Here in CZ there is such an artificial party, sponsoring on behalf of mayors. Their main feature is servility to Brussels. So one day they put up these gems,(Back to normal life and the next day one of their foremen ended up on Covid. One of the 118. Yes, we’ve had 30 days in a row. Of course, CZ also did an act of sheer despair. We will no longer know how much it came by order from the EU (D) or we came to it ourselves.

Praise Austria. This is how I see what is new at first. On the D pages, this is a complete detective investigation. Well, A even had a few days under 10. But I will also read that A put on the blacklist BiH, MK and RKS. And that the SLO canceled entry into the country. So far, it remains possible to pass the SLO within 12 hours.

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