Only memories will remain

This AUS from the camp was not an ordinary AUS, but he drove the most difficult section IND, PAK, CHN, KGZ with our “Trabanters”. Over three 5000m passes. I talked to him, but he didn’t tell me that he knew this CZ part. He probably thought I wouldn’t understand him.                                                                                                                                                           

I was leaving for MC-so I wasn’t watching the weekly TV episode. Now they were giving a 2 hour movie. In PAK, each brand is different. Soldiers drove across the territory in front of them as security. CHN- didn’t like it there. They saw only cops, soldiers and cameras. Aral KGZ. KGZ-UZ boundaries. Lots of people are waiting to enter in the UZ. CZ Roman Šmidberský fleet truck on the UZ motorway No. 1 .

Billionaires of Prague 6.
So I found out who the new neighbor of the tennis legend Jan Kodeš is. Marek Dospiva- Penta.                                                                                                                                                                                                  CZ Nr.2 in Forbes ranking – real estate magnate Radovan Vítek lives here.                               

And Mr. Mysterious-Greatest. Petr Kellner. In the world’s first hundred. Before Roman Abramovitsch. Next to his chateau stood a huge hotel in Prague. Fidel, Saddam and our other friends once lived there. He probably didn’t like the eternal roar. So he bought it for a billion and a half and had it wiped out from the face of the earth. So now the most expensive locality P6-Hanspaulka has a gigantic territory. But otherwise he is nice. Thanks to his contacts in CHN, CZ donated protective equipment. It carried 7 aircraft. He can’t take pictures, nor did I make it to the airport. They deleted everything for me. The seat of the holding is on the main street of P6 Leninboulevard, today Evropská.                                 

Woche brachte 39 Länder (-1). Alles dabei. Also normales. Ich denke aus UZ usw. ist kein Weg möglich. Gerade wenn aus Bank telefonieren ist vorbei ein MNE CD gefahren.

I never all week visited the center once. And I’m not going back there!

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4 Responses to Only memories will remain

  1. Helvetics says:

    So funny you spotted Vitek’s house! He’s now the majority shareholder of the ski lifts of a big ski resort next to my village (Crans-Montana). This guy is quite famous over here, he’s got a lot of crazy hotels and residences projects in Crans-Montana, and is starting to be very powerful in the region…
    I don’t think he stays a lot in his Prague’s house, he’s mainly based in his Swiss chalet now…

    • materazzi says:

      Ok you’re from Crans Montana! If tourists went to Prague, like to CH- I wouldn’t say a word. But the exact opposite goes here. Don’t come back. It is …
      You still have CZ Bakala there. He stole 100 billion from us and now he’s with you. And our other star Tomáš Pitr was hiding for 2 years in Kempinski St. Moritz.
      So tell Vitek when he is
      you will meet that the house is in order. The police are watching him on horseback.
      So maybe soon in Geneva.

      • Helvetics says:

        Yeah, we don’t really like him over here… In my opinion, he’s destroying our beautiful landscapes to build big hotels… Also, last year he surpisingly decided to close the ski lifts 2 weeks before the end of the season, everybody hated him for doing that…
        He’s now under criminal investigation!

      • materazzi says:

        Yeah I know. Today it is also on the first page of This is the most read web medium in our country.
        it’s beautiful there for you. I took a train once from Lac via Martigny to Sion and then back up to Gstaad. In Martigny, a train was waiting for passengers to Mont Blanc. Absolutely amazing. But even more amazing was the journey from Chur to St. Moritz. And the next day across the Bernina Pass to Tirana in I. Crazy, I was scared. I think the train will run there to 2600m. And then it falls with serpentines to 400. At 40 km. I was sitting in the last car, still looking at the locomotive from the top. And it was visible up to the Mediterranean hundreds of kilometers away.
        Also, that I returned to those LPs only 6 years ago. I wouldn’t see it all. Those who did not go from Chur to St. Moritz saw nothing. Absolutely breathtaking!

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