Ceremonial arrival of Uzbekistan truck live

A day like in Monaco. On our footpath and down. And that was not all. As you can see, the only way to cross Europe to RUS is to have MC lp.                                                                 

Romance of the industrial zone. I’m definitely better off here than I used to be in the center.                                                                                                                                 

I sit down on the bus, unaware, and UZ slides around us. About 3 km is still in sight when it turns and since it is a practically closed zone, finding it does not take long.                      

Yes, last week I missed krasnyj (red). This time the one from 21.3. Driver Marat just used the closure of the RUS for a hunting visit to Pamir with Pik Komunizma 7495m. Which is from Taskhent, a stone’s throw away. And he met beautiful wolves …                                                

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