The obligation to wear veils ends – people keep wearing them!

I’m impressed by the roar of the whole tourism sector. All those ryanairs, airnb’s, booze pubs, drugs, discos, taxis, nightclubs, as they believe that once the borders open, everything will be as it used to be.
It won’t. Our restaurants opened on Monday. No run took place. It has stabilized at 20-40% from the past.
Frau Merkel and Monsieur Macron prepared a nice bill for Corona. CZ, SK, A, PL, H, EST, BG, RO etc. will have the honor to send a fat sum to I, F, E, B etc.!!!
So in protest, angrily to all liberals and Brussels, I still wear the veil – like 60% of responsible fellow citizens.

The effort to return people to a dull herd (shut up and consume) as before the crisis is touching.


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  1. Jeroen Coninx says:

    I just read your last comment about Eastern European countries sending a fat check to B. Here are the numbers the different European countries received April 1st. The second big amount of 750 billion euros will be divided the same manner.

    The total amount (million Euros)
    Poland 7435
    Hungary 5603
    Spain 4145
    Romania 3079
    Slovakia 2475
    Italy 2318
    Portugal 1813
    Greece 1776
    Lithuania 1487
    Czech Republic 1163
    Croatia 1158
    Germany 826
    Bulgaria 812
    Latvia 792
    France 650
    Slovenia 586
    United Kingdom 555
    Estonia 295
    Belgium 66
    Finland 48
    Sweden 46
    Austria 19
    Netherlands 25
    Ireland 3

    The amount per capita (Euro per person)

    Hungary 573.5489815
    Lithuania 532.3507816
    Slovakia 453.4733586
    Latvia 415.835346
    Croatia 284.0849154
    Slovenia 279.5986948
    Estonia 221.9754157
    Poland 193.7257354
    Portugal 176.419925
    Greece 165.6005973
    Romania 158.6691702
    Bulgaria 116.8096242
    Czech Republic 108.7531919
    Spain 88.00350638
    Italy 38.48035979
    Germany 9.933938109
    France 9.690644801
    Finland 8.729691645
    United Kingdom 8.308780388
    Belgium 5.722147598
    Sweden 4.447279101
    Austria 2.134207984
    Netherlands 1.431001596
    Ireland 0.609570253

    This means that you will get 108.7 euros and I (B) will get 5.7 euros (factor 19).
    Looking at the top countries and the bottom countries, I see indeed geographically similarities, but the opposite as what you mention on your website.

    Sorry if I seem pedantic (not my intention), but removing B from the website would be appreciated.
    Still love your website ….

    • materazzi says:

      Thanks for the comment. The free movement of people and goods would be enough. I do not want to pay anything to the EU so that I can graciously get it back. I don’t want any subsidies, grants and alms. I do not want EU socialism, I lived in it. And I don’t want Mr. Macron and Mrs. Merkel to determine my life at all. The EU is only provoking animosity between countries. Without the euro, the DM would be so strong that D would not be so successful. At the expense of I, F, E. No wonder they are
      How beautiful Europe was before the start of building the United States of Europe USE.
      Thank you for your favor. I love you all.

  2. Helvetics says:

    I think you should really stick to license plates spotting.

    The main principle of being part of an Union is solidarity between the members. I find it extremely cheeky that you don’t want to give any cent to the EU, while CZ is one of the countries that receives the most money from the Union. Believe it or not, Central European countries had a significant improve of their quality of life thanks to the EU, I think you could (at least once) agree to give a little more than what you receive. If you’re only pro-Europe when they give you money, then you’d better leave!

    Also, I don’t see which Europe you’re talking about when you say that “Europe was more beautiful before the United States of Europe”. In the first half of the 20th century? Europe was a total mess, a huge battle field. Second half of the 20th Century? I think you remember how great communism worked in half of Europe. 19th Century? A new war every 10 years. 18th Century? Same.

    • materazzi says:

      You’re right. If there were a lot of LPs everywhere, I would pay attention to them. But this time to think. And as I have indicated many times, I did not like this world.
      If I lived in Crans Montana and I was 20, I would definitely see it differently.
      Europe has experienced 2 major crises in 30 years of connecting the West with the East. Refugee crisis, when tens of thousands of people daily flocked every day about whom no one knew anything along the route TR, MK, SRB, H, A, D. I really don’t know what your beautiful Europe would look like if V4 (CZ, SK, H, PL) together with Sebastian Kurz (A) did not create a wall in MK and did not stop it. For critics of the EU !!!
      We are experiencing the second crisis now. Unfortunately, this time the East (and my favorite A) was able to protect only himself with his common sense, discipline and determination. At the time when we were building the dam against Covid-19 Frau Merkel and 3 days later Ursula von der Leyen succinctly stated that closing the border did not solve anything. In order for the West to follow here, days, weeks and some months later, our measures followed.
      So yes. We are such a dirty East. But we still have good health, good food, and most have not lost their common sense. How to behave when danger is approaching.
      So I’m pretty allergic to any criticism and lessons from the West.
      The last 2 crises of European proportions confirm this. Yes, as you write, we used to be an even drier country than today. But without the “gains” of the West. Crime, drugs, street verbs, the unemployed, sprayers, young people who are instilled to have the sacred right to do absolutely what they want at the expense of everything and everyone …
      So we certainly gained something but also lost a lot. For example, the whole economy. Today we are just such an assembly plant of D, NL, USA owners.
      So I don’t know, but I think the last 2 crises would tell a reasonable person – shouldn’t we wake up a little out of our pride? And when the next crisis comes, to see how they do it in the East?

  3. Helvetics says:

    I don’t understand what my place of origin and my age has to do with the debate. I’m doing a Master in European Studies so I know what the EU is, I know its strengths and its weaknesses, believe me I am well aware of EU’s problems and inconsistencies.
    The two crises you’re talking about are mostly on the countries level, not the EU’s. First, the refugee crisis was created by multiple factors, one being the world powers continuously destabilizing least-developed countries. The EU has nothing to do with it. “What Europe would look like without the wall?”: it would not have change anything for Eastern European countries, as most of the refugees want to go to Western Europe. Also, a wall won’t stop refugees. There are plenty of references in recent history that show that walls don’t work. You’re probably thinking that more refugees means destroying your identity and values, but let me tell you something: I’m studying in Geneva, where 60% of the population has foreign roots. Still, the city has one of the best quality of life in the world, low unemployment, low crime rate, etc. You went to Geneva many times, does it really look like a decadent city?
    About the border closing, I kind of agree with you, this situation needed fast response, and most of Central European countries did close their border quite fast. However, even if borders are closed, even if there was only one case in the whole country, the virus would have spread. Look at Russia, they closed their borders relatively fast and now they’re facing huge contamination rates.
    Also, the EU has no role in the management of the pandemic as it has almost no competency in the health policies. The EU didn’t do anything because it has no right to. If you have something to say about the masks supplies or the lack of hospital beds, that’s a national matter, the EU is not responsible.
    I’m not saying the East is “dirty”. You’ve got impressive economic growth (the unemployment rate in CZ is just amazing), quality of life is improving year after year, but I think most of this is a positive consequence of joining the EU. Of course there are negative aspects, but the positive overcomes the negative. I’m conscious the problems you’re listing are existing, but such problems exist anywhere, they’re not “imported” from the West.
    Finally, I don’t really understand what you’re calling for. Leaving the EU? OK, go then. But what next? What’s your plan? If you want your country to survive (economically), you will need to stay closely related to the EU. Look at Switzerland: we’re not part of the EU but we still have more than 100 agreements with it, as half of our income comes from the EU!

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