Best Easter ever

Farøe Island FO, premiere 2020 as 72th                                                                                  FO got on the first page today.                                                                                                     

Yesterday I spent on canaps reading April’s Forbes. A little different than reading for European voters. A little darker. It should be hopeful for us that perhaps the low-cost airlines that have infested everything from Barcelona to Peterburg with the masses of ferocious youth will no longer come off the ground. Perhaps the individual car transport will return in full fire. I think so. I’m certainly not going to sit in a public transport for a very long time, where I will be stuck on an strange stranger. And all 50+ people that would take such a risk.
But what the mighty of this world say on the Forbes site is no longer pleasing. This tsunami of printed money will cause horrific inflation with everything that goes with it. So advise: Get rid of money and buy property while it’s time.

Woche bestens wie im Moment möglich ist, 40 (+2). Natürlich ohne MNE.

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