Enjoy this time- it has a lot of hidden beauty

MNE!!! ,Saudia CZ , Also trucks AL,N and FL car                                                                           

This week the brake of the truck traffic CZ. We tried to check the TIR driver. Within half a day the line from the D border grew almost to Prague.
Crying, lamenting and mountains of the dead. N.Y. war zone. Czechs from the USA write-absolute disdain, parties on the beaches. They’re locked in fear at home and just reading how we did. I wouldn’t go there for anything.
I know US citizens from Prague, so nothing really surprises me, but CH-this is disappointing. Drapes are worn only by CZ Swiss and still look like crazy.                             

I’m going to talk about how successful some states are. The real is only statistic  the number of victims / million inhabitants.
As the wave suddenly rises from the camp of liberal democracy – let’s relax, let’s open the border. Perhaps these fanatics want us not to be so successful. Thousands of people die west of our borders every day, is that nothing ?!
I used to ride my bike there, here in Prague – so now is a good time.
Drapes are obligatory not only for girls but also for TV presenters, government, president. I am shocked that this is not the case.

Sehr gute Woche 42 (+2). Sogar MNE PRG 2020 Premiere. Nur kein IRL Truck ist diesmal gekommen. LKW Verkehr ein bisschen zugenommen. Aber RUS usw. ist dicht. Von UZ und KZ ist kein Weg. Dicht ist ist alles. CHN,IND,IR, alles. Wenn wir Grenze öffnen kommen 100% keine Expeditionen aus Exotic. Und das noch sehr,sehr lange nicht mehr. Und wenn Europa sich öffnen wird, um so länger. 

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