Ladies and Gentlemans, Hongkong, license plate (act.II.)

Koenigsegg raketový člun a Malta M zahájily poslední den.                                                      Odpoledne už to řídlo, přemýšlel jsem nad dnešním titulkem: “Nic už nejezdí. Ani Holanďani”.  Dělal rozlučkové snímky a čekal jestli aspoň RUS ještě přijede jako každý den, abych měl 30.   Jo, to senzační DK  je 1950                                                                              A po NL trade Premiere   in the last moments, with the last rest of the light China …                                                            important shot from back                                                                                                                      Hongkong HK , Nr.2 alltime, 5 years Premiere,  89th 2019  (2018- 89)                                Dual number Plates – look down.                                                                      tak zase někde on the Fehmarn see you                                                                                         

So the night fishergirl , my mascot, pulled a big monster out of the South China Sea!

Chinese troops arrived in Hong Kong tonight.                                                                                                                             Personally, I think the end of Hong Kong as we know it is only a matter of time. Soon HK will get the regular blue  LP. I think the current ones were a thorn in the eye for CHN.
The amazing moment before twilight was the farewell to GB HK as it has been for the last 99 years.
Also with british LP HK.

I haven’t even looked for a long time.
Dual blue.


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3 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemans, Hongkong, license plate (act.II.)

  1. raphael says:

    Chinese plates for Hong Kong are blacks.
    This blue plate is from Shanghai.

    • materazzi says:

      But Hong Kong LP is there. Who knows how they do it now.
      Nobody from China will have LP Hong Kong just for fun.
      I’ll keep it for now. China, too, right. But HK too.

      There is first time for everything.

    • materazzi says:

      Every China gets a number for transit through China.
      As I say, who knows how it is now between CH and HK.
      So is Taiwan.
      I have seen a motorbike with two LP in Prague.
      But unfortunately she just passed me.

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