On Brenner big rarity, in PRG 10 “normálka”

Alltime CS/CZ Premiere Truck  Malta M                                                         China  dirty from first Siberian snow                                                                                               Kuwait KWT                                              USA                                                                  The Mongol family first bought a trailer in CZ and then went to DK for a truck. Unfortunately, the MNG transfer LPs did not take off.                                                                                              

Woche nochmals zeitgemäss gut. 44 (±0). Nicht dabei MNE u. FIN.

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  1. Jovata says:

    M-TIR: It is pleasing to see it on the Czech territory as well. I have not succeeded yet. I think CHN is the autonomous region of Guangxi – the city of Chongzuo. It’s on the border with Vietnam! He parked in the heart of Prague – on Wenceslas Square. At this time of year KWT and New York in Prague are also very pleased for me.

    • materazzi says:

      There you go. You are familiar with Chinese LPs. I’m just, so detail that I have not seen one yet.
      USA: Better still in the shade of a jeep with a trailer with a boat (no photo).
      Malta: The only one at the last moment flicked on the turn. So I went just a bit up and chose the direction where I stood. Otherwise, it would be just only the photo of the series.
      All Surprises!
      I was just waiting only UZ3.

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