The mission was nearing its end

Among other things, today we had a visitor from the Chile and from San Remo. I was sitting on a bench and suddenly a group in front of me. Great people, great clothes and they spoke Italian. So I ask if they are from the songs festival. A man with black stubble on his face and a knuckle told me everything. So I don’t know anything. When a passerby stopped one woman from the group, she wanted a photo. But the man was even better. This does not exist outside of Italy.

Lemons ripened in Menton. 200 thousand people will come to the celebration. It’s time to say goodbye.

I am fascinated by northern Italy. Probably, all things considered, the very best of Europe.
Prossima fermata- Desenzano.

February 2021. CZ gripped by covid. All closed, all prohibited. I spent my exile in the north of Italy.



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