Strong Juni21 in North America Week

 VW BUS from CDN Quebec with very special License Plates                                DSC08649 DSC08647 DSC08648 DSC08650 USA Florida in 100m  MNE  and…   Total 40 Countries in 1Day  2016 Record               DSC08652 DSC08654 DSC08663 DSC08666 Meanwhile German Luxury Rider       and   Football   (Czech out)                                              DSC08655 DSC08661 DSC08657 DSC08664______________________________________________________                  

22 : Unfortunately Bicycles in Japan do not have license plates                                                       DSC08669 DSC08673 DSC08692 DSC08675 CDN                                                                                           GE CD CZ/ GE Temp                                              DSC08693 DSC08694 DSC08676 DSC08691 USA  Montana  …                                                                                                                                  DSC08685 DSC08684 DSC08682 DSC08687 DSC08683 DSC08679 DSC08688 DSC08696  25.Woche brachte 44 Laender. Das bedeutet -4 zur Vorwoche. Es kommen fast keine AND,RSM usw.
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