Dakar 2022 writes the bottom page

Heavy rain and 50 rafale reported at noon. I’m trying to make sure the stop is over. I give up after half an hour. A difficult decision when a rally flows by. But very good. After three hours in the heat and dryness of the hotel I return. AND.

Factory teams have different Lp cars. Bahrain XTR (BRN), Toyota (ZA) … But as I suspected, they drive cars indoors.

When suddenly: Mongolia MNG (MGL) 4 Years Premiere.                                                              

At around 15, the ship arrived from MA. Total confusion broke out. Even material damage. As a self-proclaimed volunteer, I manage traffic. There is already a turn behind the NL truck and they cannot see.

Of course a lot of Czechs. Right after the F and E. Rally and the Dakar is extremely popular in our country. The red truck drives a Ford from Martin Prokop. He held on to 8th place for a long time.

And Mongolia is already loaded. Alltime Premiere MNG moto and MNG trailer.And now again the direction of Russia-Siberia. They warmed up in KSA, there will still be snowdrifts.                                                                                                                                                 


I’m raising the thumb of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team. You won there in Dakar. Not here a week later. “The Culprit” -Sebastian Loeb. His truck is about in the second row. Also second to Dakar 2022.

On the way back I can see from the bus, there is still a lot left on the desktop for tomorrow. Unbelievable, it’s been rolling all day.


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