What will be inside the Kinder eggs?

As I see Luxury cars transport, I try not to lose sight of it. I have experienced so much wonder after opening. From an absolutely spontaneous “Wow!” drivers always have a feeling of satisfaction over the whole of Europe. So today it was a total surprise. Toyota Yaris WRC World Champion Ott Tänak at the Monte Carlo Rally! Thanks to my new bike. We stayed 1km in the street and crossroads.                                                                           EST Sport Premiere.                                                                                                                             Today was quiet. RSM, AND, MA, but I guess we’re all already.

Toyota Yaris WRC, 1.6 Turbo, téměř 400PS, váha 1100 kg. Narvaný vesmírnou technikou. Tak tohle stojí určitě víc než všechny dosavadní zde uveřejněné legendy.

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