The first 2021 premiere since June 30.

Åland AX, 2021 Premiere as 75th countries                                                                                                             

As in the old days. I looked at the hotel parking lot and then drove off. At the first crossroads, I reached the USA?, which was just starting. And then he followed him to the hotel. Really American. From Illinois.

The price of electricity is now about 40E per MWh. But this is the price that was negotiated a year ago. For 1 year this time we will pay 106 E MWh. So recharging e-vehicles will be 2.5 x more expensive per year. Not to mention the effect on the prices of everything else.
It will be in the EU surprised people who will say they did not know me!
Closing nuclear and coal-fired power plants and converting all transport to electricity is insane.
We have something to look forward to. I don’t think the French and Italians will like this anymore.

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