1089 CCIT cameras are watching over us

My NL colleague found himself in the interest of the MC police for the third time. Just what I personally saw. As a citizen of a very tolerant NL, he has big problems with integration here.
A new police palace was recently opened. The prince personally saw with interest the hall where the whole life of the MC is shown on the screens. 1089 cameras for 2km².
But I admire this on the Place here. It is on one roof. As big as a small pig or a keg of beer. But they bought in IL for sure the best thing in the world. And they certainly fit in the crowd.

A good time to reminisce. January 2022.                                                                                     The painful bike journey up to the Maybourne Riviera Hotel.

The nightmare of MC and SBM was separately built in 10 years and at fantastic cost by the Prince of Qatar. There is no public transport here. So exactly the kind of clientele MC is looking for. MC doesn’t stand a chance against that. This is a fantasy.

Maybourne Riviera opened with the slogan MR – a view of MC. There was a big legal battle and the court banned the hotel from using the Monaco name.
Apart from the expulsion of the Russian oligarchs, this is the reason that the number of ships in the port, supercars and overall traffic is in MC half what it used to be.

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