The repairman came

and made a few people happy. But it wasn’t that simple. As Alex asked recently. It is also important to observe and analyze. I was sitting in bend and suddenly things started happening. It came out to me: something is happening at Place. Supercars or Leclerc. He parked underground and took the escalator up. Today he started after weeks! Before I took a detour to the elevator. That’s about 2 minutes. delay.
I look around upstairs and see nothing. Only after a while. Isn’t that Leclerc’s Ferrari in front of the Casino? Yes, and it already has a number, as we say here. So I want to capture it and the repairman appears in the shot.

I think even the Dutch boy standing behind him was surprised. Well, it went very, very quickly. So the “number” that should have been at the beginning to the end. Charles Leclerc C812.

Monaco is second in the world in terms of population per m². And look how empty it is everywhere. That’s beautiful. In the center of the world – all alone.

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