A really great start

The Monte Carlo Rallye has such a strange exception. Even before the start, they tear off their Lp and replace it with the start number. So I had no hopes for Ecuador. And rightfully so.

I went up from the harbor at about 2 pm. If there is already something going on there. and well he did. In half an hour, the world premiere of 2 Toyota models began. And he found out that the book signing would start at 3 p.m.

Tänak, Katsuta, Mikkelsen (back from Škoda at Hyundai WRC), Neuville and the Toyota team. But a private catch in the garage. World champion Kalle Rovanpäre (now also MC resident), who will go all the way to Sweden. He participated in the world premiere of Toyota.

Sebastian Ogier and others set off at 16.52. Until the starting rush hour. The traffic collapse also caught the attention of a pretty Monacan woman.

The place is teeming with the captains of the world number one Toyota. The gray-haired one in Fig. 3, right, chief enginieuer had a speech at the unveiling of the new models. Great English, often mentioned by Akiro Toyoda. The whole stand was of Asian photographers. It is well. They invented it all. They were at the beginning of computers and all that consumer electronics. I really like Japan and Japanese people. How they behave, how hardworking they are, how they maintain Japanese customs and traditions.
In the last picture Jari Matti Latvala, sports director of Toyota gazoo Racing.

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