Monaco’s most famous son is back. Leclercs new Ferrari.

from long distances. USA, CDN, MEX, BR, Q, UAE, BRN, SGP, J, AUS, etc. Let the celebrations begin.

I don’t want Hamilton, I recognize Verstappen, but I like Charles Leclerc.

He got a new Ferrari. Ondra might write to us what it is. One man tried to make it known that something was damaged below.

Only the prince and Leclerc are allowed to park alone on the Place. The Prince does not ride alone – only Charles. But they forgot to bring him the car keys.

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2 Responses to Monaco’s most famous son is back. Leclercs new Ferrari.

  1. OndraCZF says:

    Awesome catch! Love Leclerc! And his new 812 Competizione Aperta! 🤍

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you. So Ferrari gave him something newer. We’ll see what Lp gets. I was standing right next to him. We were touching the dress. I thought I’d like to pat him on the back. But he didn’t dare. I really like him. Be well.

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