I saw Charles on the way to Paul Ricard

At least that’s what I think. I arrive before lunch through the tunnel from the station and there is a roundabout at the exit to the port. And Charles towards me in the direction of the Toulon highway. So I think he went to La Castellet, it’s kind of a secret circuit for MC supercars. Mika and others, when they have a new car, they go there to thoroughly test it.


The surprising color of Emirates. Would the first woman?

This four played at Galerie Métropole. Amazing. The British definitely. I’ve always wondered what kind of amazing music they have. What about people we don’t know at all, they play and sing so sensationally. I came to Ms. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel), then there was a song where the refrain was “quiet”. The whole time I swore to myself that I would go to the end to ask who it was from. Shame to say it bad prevailed. I didn’t find anything at home.

Princess Caroline went out to get presents.


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