All. And Niger. My favorite too.

I hear Czech at lunch. I guess the tour guide took them to the harbor before it was their turn to visit the Oceanographic Museum. And where would you send us, what should they see. That’s how I thought about the Rainier builder exhibition. And when she finally addressed her group, if they wanted to ask me something, the question was if I was a billionaire.

Far worse, however, everything flooded with UA. See Lambo RSM. It hurts the heart, the eyes, the soul, everything. Fortunately, they soon disappeared again.

Could it be IRL?! I think not.

The incredible Niger passes through Monaco on its pilgrimage.

2 KWT arrives in the evening. FIN even 4. And my darling GBG too. 41 states without IRL, 42 inclusive.

Letzte Woche sehr stark 53 (+6) Länder. Und das alles ohne übliche NMK, MNE, RKS, TR…


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