On the way back from Fuschl I planned to stop at one of the Salzburgring exits.

When I saw the transported car, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

UAE Abu Dhabi. Well, in the end I couldn’t do it and I went to the conclusion of MOTORDAY. The first opening event at the Salzburgring circuit. For everything with wheels. For all petrosexuals.

Today I read in the Austrian Kurier that there is a riot against windmills in F. That is until they find out that from 2027 everyone will be subject to purchasing allowances. Owners of apartments, especially houses and owners of internal combustion engines in particular. All will be punished.

I didn’t know about the Salzburgring event at all. But in contrast to MC, I can read everything and talk to people. Austria is sensational. You know I’ve been saying this for a long time. 95% as CH. But more pleasant. And at half price.

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