Visiting Red Bull.

Fuschl am See. Close to Salzburg. Red Bull headquarters.

I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I am. No Red Bull sign. In fact, no inscription at all. Just bulls from famous artists. Here they run out into the lake.

Welcome. We have prepared for you F1, WRC, RB Air Race… Waut van Aerts, Sebastian Loeb come here…


Dream work. You travel around the world to the biggest sporting events and if you like someone, you offer them a contract that they don’t refuse.

More than 11 billion cans were sold last year in 157 countries.

During the visit, Team F1 Red Bull took 1st and 2nd place at GB Azerbaijan.

Woche wieder 5O (+-0). 44 von Prag. 6 hier: GR,MNE,AL,IR,CY  und eine Überraschung noch heute bei Rückfahrt. Das lassen wir für Morgen.

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