First Lp of the new week: Kuwait

Just 20m behind the maze from the station. Even before UA! But they ruled the whole day to an unprecedented degree.

I see living Langueste for the first time in my life. If someone gave it to me, I would throw it back into the sea.
Today’s bread was broken here. In a crack, while riding a bike, in a thousandth of a second of UZ or so.

Charles Leclerc at Thermen Marins. this is such a wellness complex, including hairdressing, etc., at the highest world level. I’m not going to wait here in the dark. I’ll come on my way to the train in a quarter of an hour. He was gone. it was tight. Okay then. Harass someone in the dark. So let this guy drive in F1, I wish. Make it exciting.


This is a photo from the Monaco Grand Prix 2021. In the time of severe covid. The less I talk, the more other senses work. Here I made my way through an incredible maze to the very center of the action.

Leclerc won one of his (perhaps the first) qualifying in his life. Then came a series of misfortunes and he did not start at all in the home GP. So you can see that he to cry a bit.

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