De Tomaso Pantera. 1 classic. 1 prototype.

Still in my pyjamas, I hear a hellish rumble under the windows. Supercars drive into our yard. Just a jacket and down. De Tomaso Pantera. Classic of 60ties. I haven’t seen him in 2 months and now he’s coming home! So a faster catch is no longer possible.

I’m standing next to a Toyota Yaris GR that will drive as a Safety car and behind me… I’m thinking of a Maserati. And now I find out it’s the new De Tomaso. That they resumed production after many decades. Well, maybe the guys will write us something about it.

And maybe the French guys will write to us, what kind of military or police unit is it?

I didn’t forget the LP. There were none. UA made up 80% foreign traffic without MC, F and I. Extreme. Extreme today.

Here it is in all its glory. This is what the new De Tomaso Pantera looks like. It’s a complete novelty. Perhaps there are minimum pieces. Even the greatest experts knew nothing about it. De Tomaso under the Chinese (how else) begins to produce again after decades. Smart move. As with MG. That name has tremendous power.

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2 Responses to De Tomaso Pantera. 1 classic. 1 prototype.

  1. raphael says:

    I think they are part of the Légion Etrangère.

    • materazzi says:

      Thank you so much. That’s very interesting. They were evidently here at the invitation of the Carabinieri du Prince. This is a paramilitary unit directly under the prince. They accompanied them.
      I also couldn’t understand why France obviously has missile bases here on both Caps (Martin and Ferrat). Will something fly in from Tunisia? It recently dawned on me that it would be to protect the MC. This is done by F for a fee. If any plane…
      Sorry they aren’t Lp. I have news in Prague at all, nothing at all.
      Thank you once again.

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