It ended here

December was good last year. After Liberia, however, a slowdown. I was waiting for it to go back to normal. None came.

You are not allowed to park yourself in the Place du Casino. You hand over the keys and your car ends up somewhere. You have to be very good to keep yourself in the light of day or night. All the more surprising that this E BMW was leaked. But probably only for a few seconds. And a tow truck was immediately called. Perhaps he had deliberately positioned himself so that she would not get in front of him. But he was wrong. They pounded slippery mats under his wheels with a hammer. Rope over the pulley on the side. So it will be totally expensive. It was far cheaper to hand over the car keys and put the usual 50 € in the palm of your hand.

The last thing we missed. Artificial fog. That’s how drivers from the Mediterranean feel like they’re training for the trip to Europe. Snow covered trees, fog..

Not my type, but you might like it.

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