If not Lp, at least cars

They brought someone a Christmas present

Entrance to the Roccabella garage. Fantasy works. Is there anything left drom Mika? A Maserati 4porte classic will drive in it. So it will be one more entrance to those secret underground garages. And in a moment Lamborghini Espada towards the center. This is how the owner ventilates the treasure store. What now? Nowhere. I’m waiting. And it goes back in about 20 minutes. He even stops and points to V. I’ll catch him before the gate. So this is the mysterious man with one of the largest collections in the world. About 40 years. This is the mysterious ReservĂ© Villas.

Nothing else. But it’s not ice cold here every day, they don’t kill carp on the streets (it’s such a disgusting fish full of bones, living in the mud) and there are no UA flags hanging on the buildings here. So quite a lot actually.

Oh, and they brought a “regular” Bentley Bentayga into the transporter. D (VIE), the owner is such a prosperous Asian woman who speaks (almost) German.

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