I am reporting from Paul Ricard Circuit

and Le Castellet Airport. All towards Saudi Arabia. I rented a Citroen in Toulon. Otherwise, you won’t get here, and the area also stretches for many kilometers. With a Czech journalist’s passport and a red Citroen, I pass through all the controls. I almost went on the circuit. First catches of Brazil and South Africa. The girl standing by the motorbike is going to drive the crazy rally on her. Paul Ricard is a favorite circuit of MC racers. They go here when they buy something new. I live here in that cottage not far from the ring road. The downpours didn’t come until after dark. Which was an advantage. The downside was that the wifi didn’t work in this wasteland in the mountains during the rain. So it’s put together on a jumper.

I enjoyed traveling from Lyon to Marseille from yesterday. I see it’s 301 km as the crow flies. And the TGV took 1.5 hours.

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