Beautiful people. Beautiful scene. But the air is the best!

I don’t just mean visually by those beautiful people. But above all, what kind of country do they want to have. Maybe there is a miniparty who would like to join the EU. People who miss that self-destruction in live broadcast. But without the slightest chance here.

I was thinking yesterday that AND has never been missing before. Well, at least this is accomplished.

Bike, blue sky, blue lake, white Mont Blanc. Such an ordinary beautiful day. But the air! The houses look the same as in PRG, but the air!


Lots of FL and MC. It didn’t look like UK Bentley to me. Also white in the back. I chased him a bit. The driver was already around the corner. Truly Saudia KSA. DZ on the verge of recognition. Keeping track of 6 stripes is beyond human ability.                                                Yesterday 31, today 34.

The short stop in Geneva is over. So I’ll pop up again somewhere. But tomorrow monsoon rains.

PRG/GE Woche mit 50 (+6). Nach 28 Wochen wieder 50. Das war das Wunder Frühling damals. Diesmal fehlte nur BY.

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