All within half an hour. Both negative.

Lp phantom Ondra CZF arrived in Prague after some time. He went to see the Scuderia. So he parked across from Hornbach. Coincidentally next to GBJ. I didn’t find his sms until half an hour later. Nothing else. But since I already had a busy schedule, I went to Tomegas for a coffee. That’s where the western fallout ends. When on the other hand a large Honda moto with a trailer. No stickers, but I suspect something. I was ready. But I didn’t realize that there are opaque barriers at the stop to protect those waiting. So only for about 5 m, which is a glass shelter… I am amazed by the LAR moto! Already covered by cars.

The heroes went to Hradčanské náměstí. Their representatives handed the President of the Republic a petition of signatures for the dismissal of the government. Due to the complete inability to lead the country and treason.

The situation in CZ is crazy. Especially on the weekend. Fear, helplessness and heaven-screaming rage come from it. Even that stupid country doesn’t belong to us anymore.

Woche 46 (+1). Inkl. LAR (ohne Foto). Kein IRL diesmal.

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