Back to normal

The only catch caught me through no fault of my own on the bridge. I watch the Around the World moto. But every once in a while a touring moto comes along. It’s usually the US. Today from 30m miniLp color like Florida, but with sticker Maple Leaf.

Together with the other “Schaulustigen”, I waved to the female co-passenger.

Diversification. WC Motocross Uddevalle (S) this weekend.

Then the sky clouded over and it ended with rain.
So the event of the day remained the little gray mouse at breakfast. She sneaked in from outside to enjoy the crumbs that fell on the floor.
The Polish waitress Justýna (young and pretty) was terribly afraid. Interesting, such a nice creature. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I ask if she was home. Covid.

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