The famous Mongol rally, at least in the B version

As we already know from Paris-Beijing, China and Mongolia ((certainly not only these 2 countries) remain inaccessible to the EU for covid-dirt.                                                             So at least the version with a destination in Georgia. Thanks for that.

The main start is traditionally in London. But the real one starts after the Launch Party near Prague. All the crews are already leaving from there. The Launch Party is private, so these images are exclusive.
Like is 1/5 of the route, so also regarding Lp. Malta the best. But as I say – thanks for this too. If I had to guess, this won’t happen in the future either. It’s such a goodbye. With long-distance rallies, world travelers and the world as we knew it.

I’m leaving.  At least a silent protest against the current government, foreign flags on buildings, primitive fanaticism and hatred…It’s done for now. Maybe there will be something in the fall.

Woche 48 (+-0). Aber letzte drei Tage? Das mit alten Zeiten hatte nicht zu tun. Motos- bestes Indikator. Ausser D und ein Paar PL u. S nichts. Asia ist zum Abschreiben. Und PRG das war Asia Schaufenster. China (einmal 30 pro Tag), J, ROK, T, MAL, SGP, RI…Transsibirien Magistrale verwaist.

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