A period of nothingness is slowly creeping in

The last period was characterized by balance and variety. Now the scary model of last year is slowly starting to prevail. From 100 vehicles 95% D, PL, NL. But Scandinavia put on a big show. Many days 1.DK ,2.S ,3.N.

The boys spotters reported from aboard the flight to Bologna. So I told them that they are doing well. Maybe just a short time and those conveniences like heating, refueling, driving on vacation, etc. will be a thing of the past.

Sanctions hurt Europe more than Russia, they only prolong the war, critized Orbán. Instead of weakening the RUS and shortening the war, they are only prolonging it.
Initially, I thought that we only shot ourselves in the foot, but now it is clear that the EU economy has hit itself in the lungs and is gasping for breath, says Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in today’s interview.

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