Rain in Copenhagen, rain here

The bread was broken (that’s how we call the decisive moment) right at the beginning. Such a chance, if it doesn’t change, I know there won’t be another one.

The support of the Dublin-Copenhagen cycle tour prepared refreshments for the approaching peloton. But I didn’t speak Slovak with the Irishmans. They also have the Silk Road behind them.

Cadillac or Rolls? No no. N is a pioneer in the import of Chinese e-cars. Honqvi. Once upon a time, the Scandinavians were the first to ride in Japanese ones. I don’t see a single reason not to buy an e-car from China. All the strengths of European cars were engine, transmission and status. Does an electric Mercedes make sense at twice the price? It doesn’t have.

And then it rained. Here and in a few tens of minutes in Copenhagen. Luck rained there for the Belgian Lampaert. Quick step team. So he was with us.


So, sometime on the island again…

Sat.: As I predicted. Great enthusiasm gripped Denmark. Today “mountain stage” to the highest DK mountain – 83m above sea level!

46 Länder diese Woche +4. 2 Fehmarn, 2 noch in PRG. Nur MD war nicht dabei.



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