Everything was ready for the attack

great weather, early Isle of Jersey, Thursday- but in the afternoon it all faded away.

After the A tractor, the second coolest vehicle on the route (NL).

In the afternoon just enjoy a beautiful day in nature. And think in peace. Maybe if all the returnees from the South (HR 36ºC, I 38, E 43) are happy to be back. Those views of full beaches roaring, people dressed like sardines in a can, cola 13, burger 30…why do they do this I ask? And I don’t know the answer. In the 60s, when, for example, it rained all summer and it was barely over 20, this is clear. But the world has changed. Some dogmas, however, do not.

In the afternoon, the convoy of trucks only grew. Some couldn’t take it mentally.

Jumbo-Visma team’s Danish rider Jonas Vingegaard, winner of the 2022 Tour de France, is celebrated in his hometown of Glyngore on July 28, 2022.

For me, forever a Danish year.

And something positive from Germany as well. Vice-Chancellor Green-Rot Habeck was booed by people at the rally. Many had “Warmonger” banners.

Eternal shame to these Habecks, Czech Fialas and all these servants of some dubious non-European interests.
In D, heating can only be done at 19ºC and no hot water will flow.
Due to a dispute between two EU non-member states. And that’s just the beginning. That the wheels of German industry will stop completely…

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