I should have been here before

It hasn’t been a nice week like this. And the heat wave arrived. Thus
at 8.30 away. I drove through areas with 39°C. And in Lübeck there were 16. Winter jackets, children’s rams and hoods. Well, you couldn’t even go for a walk on the island as it was cold. In the PRG, they finally made it to 39º. And now at 20 there are still 32.

Great escape to PL. The train to Szczecin did not take all the passengers.

This winter we will enjoy the mood to the fullest. Does anyone in the West even understand the Russian soul? Giving ultimatums and punishments. Russia ?! So they are slowly closing the cocks themselves. They’ll sell it somewhere else. And the EU will import LNG from KSA. I’m surprised D Green doesn’t mind that adulterous women are stoning in the squares. And that it will be driven by giant ships emitting more oxide than all the cars in the EU combined. But they are not. They have yet to be made. Stupidity and bigotry are paid for. It’s coming.

That’s from last night. I was looking forward to the rally for 3 months and in the end I couldn’t look at the arrival. And those 2 AUS came with GB and F Lp. He’s been like this for a week. I’m not expecting anything here. There is green grass and air with the scent of Greenland. Not ground-level toxic ozone, stink and smog. PRG has reached a new bottom. Probably like the EU stock market in response to its leaders.

45 Länder diese Woche d.h. -4. Kein MNE und vor allem P. Tagesdurchschnitt 32. Nicht so längst so 40. Jetzt ist Schluss. Das schlimmste im ganzem Jahr die D Frühlings Feirtage. Gestern noch dazu Guns and roses. Überall voll. Hunderte Autos. Alles aber D,PL,H. Deprimierend. Wenn überhaupt ,dann wird besser wieder erst am Anfangs September.

Welcome in Germany.

Great joy came in the end. France (my second home) gave Marine le Pen eleven times the votes to parliament. France is waking up. It was time! In the photo with our ally Tomio Okamura. His preferences fly up too.

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