The best April of all time

Isle of Alderney GBA, all time Premiere in PRG                                                                  

On the situation at the PL / BY border:                                                                       Misfortune and disappointment. CZ forwarders on tv. Russia has reportedly not announced sanctions yet, so they will try to go through the EST. Many hundred km detour. CZ tire companies do not have carbon black. They offer any price for transport for imports from RUS. He will stop production in a few days. So at the moment they can only through SRB, MK, BIH, TR, KZ, UZ etc.
The EU has shot itself again. RUS and BY trucks in the EU drove a minimum. But those thousands of thousands of PL, LT, RO, BG, etc. will lose business. They are now pushing for European contracts. The desperate owner of a CZ transport company focused on the East says: “It’s over. Even after that ends, these routes will be occupied by others”.
How do the EU and governments do not compensate companies for losses? After all, they have lost what they have been building for decades, the fanaticism of the EU and their governments!

So what percentage of Chinese NIOs will be on the roads in a few years? I say a lot. Quality, nice, cheap. For the first time in the history of the world said the whole industry, thank you now I will pass the market to the competition.

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