Crystal air. But full of poison and radiation.

From the final loss of freedom and his country. And from the loss of the last remnants of common sense.

I guess UK. And some hidden meaning. Camps for Easter full like never before. By that I mean the summer peak of the season.

We are an indebted, backward country. Trains run between cities according to timetables from the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. But somehow life here was quite pleasant. It’s all over now. With everything. It came so fast. The patriots didn’t even have time to say goodbye. To tell the truth, we did deserve it.

Woche 48 (+1) Land.

Belarus has banned trucks registered in the EU from entering the country since Monday. So I’m wondering what this will cause. If you don’t know, Italy, neither France nor … Belarus is the largest exporter of southern fruit in Europe. BY buys everything for RUS. Next winter instead of MC to BY. There will be nice heat at the radiators.                                                                                                                                                            Yeah, so the EU banned it first. So now only KZ and UZ will run. We are a little closer to the final end.

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